1st TPM- Nicosia, Cyprus

The SwitchOff project continues its course. On 22nd of June 1st TPM was held in Cyprus, Nicosa. The partners reflected everything that was done so far, as well as setted up the next steps and agreements about new WPs and deadlines.


First online meeting

Switchoffthework has officially kicked off its work with the first online meeting of the partners.

Objectives of the project:
🎯Enhance remote workers and managers’ ability to disconnect from work during non-work hours
🎯Build capacity of HR practitioners and managers to implement policies, practices and procedures and support their worker’s right to refrain from engaging in work-related activities, during non-work hours.
🎯Develop innovative quality learning material for HR practitioners and managers to support remote worker’s recovery process.

We will report on further developments in our social networks: Facebook & Instagram.